We followed a specific lion pride for a few days, our patience stretched to its limits. The lions’ tummies were full and they rested lazily under thick bushes. It looked like even stretching themselves was already a hard move!
This afternoon was different. Excitement built up with clouds darkening and hanging low over the open plains, ready for a heavy rainfall.
We followed the pride’s tracks, driving for kilometers on worn out tracks, when we suddenly came upon them in a little valley, near a stream of water.
The pride was restless. The lionesses started grouping together, visioning a herd of zebras grazing in the distance.
Excited, I grabbed my camera, hoping for hunting scenery today. Being in the perfect position, we had both, predator and its prey in good sight.
Ready for it to happen, I nervously changed either looking through my camera viewer or through the open car window.

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Then, totally unexpected, the zebras started running. The lionesses followed with fast pace. Within seconds they were trying hard to circle them in … a game of cat and mouse. Then the zebras crossed the river.
The hunt ran on empty, leaving the lioness look foolish while the zebras took a breath in safe heaven.
Overlooking the whole scene was the king of the pride, who seemed to watch the whole game from the distance. His staring eyes fascinated me, he drew me in with his irrefutable focused vision.
In total awe I took a couple of pictures.
This lion’s pose expressed such a magical strength and dominance and filled the scene with an enormous pride.
Just after I captured this scene, the clouds opened up and it poured down with rain. The lionesses and their leader gathered together again, looking for shelter in the bushes nearby.

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