Journey To Kioko Lake

We passed the vast area of the dry-lake bed of Amboseli Lake. Amboseli’s earlier name “Empusel” meaning, “salty and dusty place” in Maa, expresses this part of the Maasai land at its best.
The contrast between the arid areas of the dry-lake bed and the oasis of swamps also fascinates me the most about this area.
The space in this area feels unreal. It seems like your eyes can literally travel endless. While the sky and the land are melting into one on the horizon, the scenery stays the same. It feels like standing still although we are moving forward in relatively fast pace. A huge cloud of dust travels with us behind our car.
Like a falling star, appearing from nowhere, a group of elephants showed up, marching across the salty plains on our left.

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They were moving towards Lake Kioko, a lake that can be discovered on the map not far from our current position.
It’s amazing and always a miracle how elephants travel these long distances in their search for water.
Capturing the herd from behind described how I felt in this particular moment. It’s an image of contrast, the sun lightening up the horizon emphasizes the uncertainty of what lies ahead of us and yet the determination of movement by the elephants gives the atmosphere of peacefulness.
The social cohesion among the elephants somehow reaffirmed in the endless expanses of the dried out land.
When reviewing this photograph later, I felt immediately reconnected to this special day.

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