Spirit of Discovery 1

Being able to spend several days with a specific group of animals is an extreme privilege, yet difficult to accomplish.

Due to the patterned routine of this lion pride we meet in their favorite spot every day. The location is highly inspiring from a photographer’s viewpoint.

The pride hunts in the night, eat in the early morning hours and then moves to the group of trees for playing and resting in the shade during the day.

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Although knowing their routine and starting to foresee some behavioral elements, it still requires a lot of patience to eventually photograph the perfect scene.

We are early today, the pride just arrives from their morning kill and while the older lions are already looking for a comfortable spot under the trees, the youngsters are still full of energy.

The cubs are about six months old. They are a busy bundle, climbing up the trees, ducking under them, teasing and chasing each other.

Although a great pleasure just to watch, I need to be alert all the time. I lie in the legroom of the car squeezed between seats and camera bags and have both cameras on standby resting on the beanbags in front of me.

The Grey Crowned Crane is calling in the high trees and the helmed guinea fowls chatter around us. It is such a harmonic atmosphere.

As one of the cubs starts chasing the guinea fowls to practice its hunting skills, I see my opportunity to witness this fascinating scene with my camera.

What a privilege!







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