Spirit of Discovery 2

I sit in the back of the open Land Rover, my legs casually crossed. The vehicle is totally open, no b-bar and no doors. From the front car windows twirls in a light breeze of warm air. I hear the raucous call of an Ibis close by at least ten lion cubs all less than six month old. The branches crack under their soft paws during their informal play in the thicket.

I breathe in the smell of crushed leaves and wet bark. Suddenly there is this strong connection. And while I am still on the vehicle, my mind is far away.

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Instead I am a boy of ten years old running through the woods, crossing streams, building dams, playing cowboys with my school friend. I climb up the highest tree in the forest. I love nothing more than sitting cross-legged in the treetops whistling for hours. I have nothing to fear and the small world around me seems enormously big. Every day I discover another spot in my unconditional play. It feels both familiar and comforting.

I find I have to pull myself back into the present moment.

The busy bundle of lion cubs relentlessly explore the fascinating location of this small dense forest of fallen trees and bush thicket.

Jonathan Scott and his wife who filmed and photographed the famous Marsh Pride for years for BBC documentaries also share this special day today on the vehicle next to us.

I feel privileged.

I wait for the right moment – when the cubs appear in this powerful perspective, I press the shutter.

I especially love this photograph because of the totally different ambience of light in the rather dark forest. The image is a unique addition to my collection with which I share a special feeling of connectedness – the spirit of discovery!










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