A cold night disturbed my sleep disturbed and on top of it, jackals and hyenas yelling close to our camp.
When opening the zip of my tent, breathing in the virgin morning air, I knew that this day was different … there is no description for this feeling I just knew instinctively that this day had all the potential.
We followed a pride of lions in the Etosha region in Namibia for 3 days in a row, but I shot only bland images.
We left the camp in darkness with only the car’s lights brightening up the dusted road ahead of us.
Finding some fresh lion tracks along the way I was certain that the pride had not moved far from where we had seen them yesterday.
We stopped the car on a spot in the west of Etosha, overlooking the vast grassy plains.
I took my binoculars out the glove compartment.

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While searching the land precisely from east to west I suddenly grasped a glimpse of a head moving up, I was sure it was a lion but then it was gone.
We drove a bit further to be closer to the spot.
The atmosphere was tensed up as the sun rose up further. Timing is critical when I am shooting and I was afraid to lose this magical scene of lighting that brightened up the dull dry grass like a painter with a brush.
It was silence all around. Nobody spoke a word … I could hear my pulse beating.
Suddenly she appeared again. Excitement took over me and it felt I pressed the shutter a hundred times until I noticed that the lioness lying in the grass was not disturbed at all and was a picture of calm.
I slowed down, carefully absorbing this moment. Once more I got down on my haunches and captured this beautiful moment.
I was thrilled. Such a powerful picture was created.
The sovereign and tranquility with which this lioness enjoyed the early rays of this day is like a patron saint, watching over her fosterlings. Every time I look at her it brightens up my day.

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