Klaus Tiedge in Kenya: An Inspiration

I first visited Kenya and the Masai Mara in 2011. My dream to be a wildlife fine art photographer had just begun to come to fruition, and I was supported and motivated by Martin Osner, gallery owner, who encouraged me to bring him even more work, with a solo exhibition in mind. This was motivation enough for me!

WILDLIFE-(horizontal)_LOOKOUT-OVER-RHINO-RIDGE_Klaus Tiedge        Africa Fine Art

With John Masek as my driver, guide and now good friend, I travelled the area taking photographs of the rich landscape, skyscape and wildlife that is on offer. John’s instincts are impeccable, and with him as my guide, the possibilities are endless.

Each time I visit Kenya, I love to try out new things and challenge myself to return with ever better and more adventurous images. The landscape is wide open and this, in combination with the changeable weather, supplies dramatic skyscapes for my fine art images. Add to that the local wildlife, and I have the perfect subject for my photography.

Giraffe Fine Art Photography        WILDLIFE-(horizontal)_MONARCH-OF-LEWA-1_Klaus Tiedge

For me, a visit to Kenya has become like a return to my second home. For this year’s trip, I built a remote controlled vehicle to carry my camera for very low-angled and close-up shots. I’m excited to see how successful my plan will be and if my little camera-vehicle will handle rough terrain. I simply love to try out new ideas, improving my work and enhancing it every time. My instincts for good shots have developed and grown over the years, and this year I am playing with square format images which allows certain shots to really stand strong.

I will always return to Kenya. My passion for the wide open grasslands, the beautiful skies, and the rich variety of wildlife draw me back every time, and when I find myself in harmony with nature, as I am in Kenya, my creativity shines and grows.

WILDLIFE-(horizontal)_MATRIARCH-4_Klaus Tiedge        Lion Photography

As soon as I return to Cape Town on 29th February 2016 I will be working with my latest images to transform them into the fine art images I’ve become well known for. Subscribe to my newsletter for updates and a sneak peak of my newest collection.